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You need to use coordinated disclosure. Each paper will be analyzed on a case by case matter. Terms and conditions apply. 

Our Mission

What Is Critical Con about?

Critical con is an internet security conference at hub 101, Westlake village, California on  Feburary 8th & 9th 2018. Westlake village is part of  Los Angeles county.

Critical Con addresses code that can harm, assault, or kill people and how we can potentially solve these issues. This includes ICS, IOT, robotics, medical devices, implants, etc. We also accept talks that utilizes anything that results in harm, assault or killing people via the internet, computers, etc.

The first day is speakers and the second day is our own unique  hackathon where we try to come up with fixes for the problems discussed the first day. Whether  it is simply a highly detailed proposal, preferably writing open source code or making prototypes.

This is a con for change, let's break the echo chamber and improve internet security to help save lives.


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How do you handle such risky talks since you are talking about people being killed by flaws?

We take this very seriously and vet all submissions with great scrutiny. However, the responsibility of proper disclosure and speaking is the speakers responsibility. We do the best we can to vet information.

Where is the conference?

It is in the city of westlake village in Los Angeles county, September 15th and 16th. It will be held at hub101. The size of space the conference will be is based on how many people buy tickets. 

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